LUBE-TECH ENDURANCE Full Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF is a transmission fluid that has the benefits of both low and high viscosity formulations. A high viscosity index provides excellent low temperature fluidity, while friction modifiers provide smooth, noise-free shift performance.

Suitable in the following applications:

Acura ATF Type 3.0 SL157
Acura/Honda ATF Type 3.1 SL162
Allison C-4 C-4
Allison TES-389 TES-389
BMW, Jaguar, Porsche, Land Rover, Suzuki VM LT 71141 AE
BMW 83 22 2 163 514 SL107
BMW ETL-7045 SL100
BMW ETL-7045 E SL101
BMW ETL-8072 B SL102
BMW LA2634 SL094
BMW M-112108 SL096
BMW, Dodge, Jaguar, Land Rover L12108 SL093
BMW, Hyundai, Jaguar, Kia, Land Rover M-1375.4 SL095
Chrysler Type 7176E* - ATF + 3 AP3
Chrysler Type 9602* - ATF + 4 AP4
GM 6032M [D] GM 6137M [E] - DEXRON II AF2
GM 6417M [G] GM N10055 [H] - DEXRON III AF3
GM P/N 19256039 SL036
GM W16444* - DEXRON VI AF6
GM W16974 - DEXRON HP SL150
Honda ATF-Z1 SL040
Honda P/N 08200-9001A (ATF-Z1) SL002
Honda P/N 08200-9008 (ATF-DW-1 Fluid) SL001
Hyundai ATF RED-1K SL004
Hyundai SP-III SL042
Hyundai SP-IV SL043
Hyundai SP-IV-RR SL112
Isuzu Genuine ATF SL045
Jaguar K17 SL044
Jeep ATF SP-4 SL153
Kia SP-III SL025
Kia SP-IV SL046
Kia SP-IV-M1 SL196
Land Rover AW-1 SL077
Land Rover N402 SL103
Mazda ATF FZ SL049
Mazda ATF MV SL050
MB 236.1 SL053
MB 236.10 SL054
MB 236.10, MB 236.12, MB 236.14 SL131
MB 236.12 SL055
MB 236.14 SL057
MB 236.15 SL058
MB 236.41 SL059
MB 236.6 SL060
MB 236.7 SL061
MB 236.8 QSL062


Not recommended for Continuously Variable (CVT), Dual Clutch Transmissions (DCT), or ATF Type F

Mitsubishi ATF-J2 SL024
Mitsubishi ATF-J3 SL108
Mitsubishi SP-III SL065
Mopar ASRC SL067
Mopar AW-1 SL117
Mopar P/N 05127382AA SL072
Mopar P/N 68171866AA SL107
Mopar P/N 68218925AA SL076
Mopar P/N 68218925AB SL076
Motorcraft FNR5 SL027
Motorcraft P/N XT-10-QLV* - MERCON LV MLV
Motorcraft P/N XT-2-QDX* - MERCON MA
Motorcraft P/N XT-5-QM* - MERCON V MA5
Motorcraft P/N XT-5-QSM* - MERCON V SS MA5S
Motorcraft P/N XT-6-QSP* - MERCON SP MSP
Nissan Fluid A SL079
Nissan Matic D SL080
Nissan Matic J SL081
Nissan Matic K SL082
Nissan Matic S SL083
Porsche 00004330400 SL087
Porsche P/N 000 043 304 00 SL142
Saab ATF Z1 SL111
Saab P/N 93 165 147 SL090
Saab Transmax J SL021
Scion ATF FZ fluid SL166
Shell L 12108 SL093
Subaru ATF SL097
Suzuki Matic D ATF SL129
Suzuki Matic J SL098
Suzuki Matic S SL099
Toyota JWS 3309 TIV
Toyota JWS 3324 WS
Toyota Type T TTA
Volvo AW-1 SL130
Volvo P/N 31 256 774 SL106
VW G 052 025 SL006
VW G 052 162 A1 or A2 -
VW G 052 990 A2 SL011
VW G 055 005 A2 SL012
VW G 055 025 A2 -
VW G 055 162 A2 or A6 SL014
VW G 055 540 A2 SL015
VW G 060 162 A2 SL016
VW GUS 00 162 SL144
ZF Lifeguard 5, 6, 8 or 9  -


¹Codes are lubricant symbols used by Motor Information Systems (AKA Check-Chart)

*Does not meet OEM viscometric specification, suitable for use

Download a printable chart here 

Last modified: 3/28/2023


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